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FACEBOOK ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - Falkirk, Stirling & wider Forth Valley

So we all use Facebook (well most of us anyway), so why should I use it for my business? I mean let’s be honest, isn’t it just about sharing funny videos and pics of your nights out?

Facebook has over 2.2 BILLION people, yes BILLION, who access their Facebook account EVERY month. That is a huge audience and advertising directly to YOUR targeted audience can deliver unbelievable results.

What you need to know is that CALAD Media have a number of strategies to identify exactly who your target market is and what that target market would be excited/motivated by. At CALAD Media, this is where we excel. With historical campaigns, we have seen up to 10 X return on advertising spend! Facebook works best for the Business to Consumer market (B2C) sector – ideally having a product/service with a real USP (Unique Selling Point).

Many business owner know that they should have some sort of presence on Facebook, but are often lost on what that should look like. We will develop a unique strategy that will drive the best possible results in terms of engagement of your target audience with your Facebook content and ultimately an increase in income revenue.

Engagement = Revenue = Improved Bottom Line.

We create engaging campaigns that capture your ideal clients interest – we then convert their intrigue into revenue for your business. Leave everything to CALAD Media, a company you CAN trust!


With an audience of,
OVER 2 Billionmonthly active users, get YOUR products/services in front of your audience.

Facebook Advertising can give very quick positive results & great ROI as part of your digital marketing strategy, leave everything to CALAD Media, your in safe hands.


Facebook is easy, even my gran uses it”. Whilst using a personal account is fun or it can be and creating a business page is also straight forward enough, there is much more to Facebook than that. It’s like having your own website, you can’t just set it up and forget about it. (your Facebook business page that is)

So you now have your own Facebook business page, then what? How do I (you) tap into this huge amount of users/traffic to get more customers/sales!

I could just do it myself, that would save me money, right? – In a word, no. We have developed tried and tested systems and strategies over an extensive period of time – time that good business owners do not have the luxury of. We have gone through the pain of learning what works and what doesn’t, so that you don’t have to.

We will conduct a digital marketing overview, assessing your business for success when advertising on Facebook. We will quickly establish what your unique selling points (USP’s) are, who your audience are and when they are online. Based on the objectives of your Facebook campaign, they could be raising brand awareness, a new product launch, App’ or Newsletter sign ups or simply a direct call-to-action to buy your product or service.

We will be honest with you, right from the off. If we do not believe your product or service is the right fit for Facebook, we will recommend looking at other ways to advertise online.

Client’s who engage CALAD Media to set-up, run & manage their Facebook Advertising Campaign are seeing returns of up to 1000% – that’s not a typo, we’re that good. Why not get in touch to find out more.

Work with us!

A personal touch to every project. Simply put, we love working with new & existing client's and helping add value to their business via their online presence. Go on, give us a call, it may be the best thing you ever did!