DIGITAL MARKETING - Falkirk, Stirling & wider Forth Valley

So what is digital marketing? I have heard about it, I see it everywhere but don’t REALLY know what it is…

Well, in “short”, digital marketing, sometimes referred to as “data-driven marketing” is the marketing of a business product or service using digital channels to reach a specific consumer group(s). This is highly targeted marketing, targeting previously identified, if done well, persona groups of consumers likely to be in need of your product or service.

The way consumers live, accessing and using their smart phones means that there are almost limitless ways to engage with and market to your prospects. Long gone are the days of paper based, T.V & radio advertising as the primary means of advertising to a generic and vast audience.

Smart phones mean people are accessible on the go, meaning that you can reach, engage and convert these highly targeted prospects into customers and brand advocates!

Digital Marketing, CAN generate huge reach & brand exposure for your business and more importantly increase your bottom line. Leave everything to CALAD Media, a company you CAN trust!


We get results for our client's,
achieving great ROI.

Digital Marketing, if done well, can REALLY improve your bottom line. With many projects completed locally in Falkirk & wider Forth Valley, leave everything to CALAD Media, your in safe hands.


Once again, the process starts with listening!

….listen, listen & listen some more…..

There are many factors to take into consideration. Primarily, budget has a major baring on what can be achieved, the bigger the budget, the more that can be achieved. Goals, like anything in life, what do you want to achieve & what does success look like for you and your business in terms of marketing your business online.

Where are your customers? Who are your customers? So many questions!!!

So how do we do this?

We gather information, about you, your business, your customers, what your customer persona(s) look like (age, gender, location, interests etc.) and then we establish where they are online – this might sound difficult, but we know how to navigate this task.

Once we have all of the information, we will then research your market – competition, existing campaigns, trending topics and viral content.
We will then make our recommendation for your digital campaigns.

Here are some examples of digital marketing we can help you with:

SEO: Increase traffic from search engines

PPC:  Increase traffic from search engines

PR: Increase exposure for business

Social Media Marketing: Build customer relationships

Content Marketing: Increase traffic from search engines, exposure, sales & leads

Affiliate Marketing: Increase sales & leads

Viral Marketing: Increase exposure – short term

Influencer Marketing: Increase exposure – highly targeted

Online/Website Marketing: Could include any of the above methods/goals

Smart phones mean people are accessible on the go pretty much all the time, (apart from when they are sleeping, obviously) meaning that you can reach your target audience pretty much 24/7, dependent on the locations you wish to target! (if overseas/international markets are where many of your customers are at)

Now, we could go on and on talking about our digital marketing offering, but why not get in touch to find out more.

Work with us!

A personal touch to every project. Simply put, we love working with new & existing client's and helping add value to their business via their online presence. Go on, give us a call, it may be the best thing you ever did!